25% of my posts begin with “One of my favorite things about Japan is…” and/or are about posters, and this one is no exception. This time around, it is these free movie flyers that the theaters give out here. They are printed on high quality paper and almost always feature cool alternate artwork, making for great mini posters or gifts to people back in America. The ones I got for Control might be the raddest to date, but these are nice too:

p1000119p1000120I especially liked this:p1000124If you want one, let me know soon! They tend to go pretty quickly. As always, I know the pics suck. Deal with it.


I made my monthly visit to Nakano Broadway this afternoon. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Broadway is the coolest place in all of Tokyo. It’s a shopping center filled with nothing but ‘maniac’ shops. Among the many things found there are: 1940s-present monster toys, anime cells, extremely rare pornographic phone cards, hyper-grotesque artwork, 1000+ different types of yo-yos, 1980s American toys (including Madballs!) used manga, etc etc etc. Anyhow, today I found a new vintage movie store tucked away in a corner on the top floor that I hadn’t noticed before and got these posters! The Creepshow one was a little pricey but worth it, the Nightmare on Elm Street 2 poster I almost passed on because it was my least favorite of the films but I really liked the graphic at the top, and I can’t even believe I found a Nightbreed poster there! It was cheap too! I also got a cell phone strap made by the same dude that makes THESE. There were a few other things that I really, really wanted but didn’t need. Maybe next month.

Only 1000 Yen!!!!

Only 1000 Yen!!!!


Best Broadway find in months!!!!

Best affordable Broadway find in months!!!!

Tomodachi in Shibuya

January 12, 2009

I saw this huge new ad for the 2nd 20th Century Boys movie on my way home last night. Just before I saw this, I also caught a “performance” in front of the station by a guy wearing an open yukata revealing a  thong; he shook around and howled as if in a violent seizure for about 5 minutes before taking a bow and passing around a money box.

People of Shibuya, It is Time to Proceed

"People of Shibuya, It is Time to Proceed"

Note: Directly translated, “It is Time to Continue” or possibly “It is Time for the Sequel”. I think that time to proceed is much more menacing and Tomodachi-like. I can’t stand it when translators aren’t willing to take minor liberties with stuff, it turns out so stiff and boring. Dr. Senbei, what do you think about this?