i have been meaning to tell another person about this for over a year now and am just now getting around to it….

I am sure that everyone familiar with the Iron Maiden album Number of the Beast has noticed that among the sinners burning in the flames of hell along the bottom of the artwork are some people having sex. That might have been kind of cool when I was 12, but it is pretty tame by today’s standards. What is much cooler, however, is the ALIEN warrior hidden in the bottom corner of the full-sized artwork. I looked it up online, but couldn’t find any mention of it anywhere. Here’s a picture of from my poster!

number of the queen

Derrick Riggs, the creator of Eddie, hid several ‘Easter eggs’ in his Maiden work. I read an interview in a graffiti magazine a long time ago in which he claimed to have detested the band’s music, loathed being known for Eddie, and that when he painted the first album cover he had envisioned it being used by a punk band but no one wanted it. It sat around in his portfolio for awhile before the band came across it, and the rest is history.

When I was really young my dad won me a cheap cardboard framed Stranger in a Strange Land picture at the carnival, but I was too afraid of it to display it in my room even though it is easily one of their least dreadful covers. It just sat in my closet, haunting me. Every few months I would take a look at it and get really queasy, then hide it in a different spot.

Moving on, here is the ultimate Iron Maiden album art collection!

Which is your favorite?

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January 23, 2009

Who knew that Will Smith’s wife was in a nu-metal band? I am the last person to find this out? The videos I found are a few years old. I never thought that I would hate a band more than I hate Korn, but this takes it. More like pu-metal, get it? I am guessing that the only reason they haven’t divorced over this is the ultra-low exposure it recieved.


January 23, 2009

I traded one of my New Year resolutions for this one: learn to sing 愛を取り戻せ (Ai wo Torimodose), the original theme for Fist of the North Star, for karaoke nights. It has so many high notes that I might already be dead, but it will be worth it when I bust it out at the next punk rock nomikai night! It might even become my new Youkai Ningen Bem….

Here is the Korean live action opening with the song. After taking back the love, stick around for the show, it is on a playlist. Horrendous! Terrific!

This will be me soon (only with bigger muscles, cooler glasses and a lot drunker)!

Death Trip

January 7, 2009

Ron Asheton was found dead in his home in Ann Arbor yesterday. The Detroit Free Press has a pretty decent article about it here (sorry, can’t get this to hyperlink for some reason):

I am not one to get emotional distraught over the death of a celebrity, but this was a real disappointment for me. I first came across The Stooges on a “Decades of Rock” sort of compilation cassette that my mom had back in junior high and I was blown away. Unlike all of the other punk stuff I was into at the time, they actually had really rad, scorching solos. I didn’t have any money at the time, or even a way to get to a record store for that matter, so most of my music came from tapes my friends would make for me (my favorite at the time being a a mix of Minor Threat and the first Suicide Machines album). Anyhow, none of my friends had even heard of them, so I was forced to listen to Search and Destroy over and over again on that tape, which also had songs by the Sex Pistols, Television, The Dead Boys and The Talking Heads on it. Many of the songs on that tape remain my favorite to this day.

Another reason this bummed me out is that he was also an Ann Arbor guy, and bands like The Stooges and MC5 gave me some strange pride in the place. Once, a friend and I went on a quest to find the places where they all used to live and practice. Although we treated it as a pilgrimage to the Mecca, it was actually pretty lame because they were just typical places around town.

Here are my two favorite songs by them:

The Stooges- Shake Appeal

The Stooges- Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell

In celebration of FINALLY getting these (thanks mom!):
Pushead Dunks!

I give you Septic Death!!!