Lost in Thought

January 23, 2009

Time travel ain't easy

I just watched the first 2 episodes of LOST season 5, and here are my initial thoughts:

I really want to believe that Ben has good intentions, no matter how much of a bastard he can be. I am not so sure that this is the case after tonight. After manipulating Sayid into being his personal assassin, he probably didn’t expect him to go along with his new plan to go back to the island. That’s why I think that those were his men in the safe-house and they were supposed to be drugged and transported back silently.  He really seems to have alterior motives behind going back. He is clearly hiding something from them, as could be seen when he pulled out a package from the heating vent while Jack was in the bathroom. Also, what is with the butcher shop now? How many people does he have off the island?

Speaking of Ben’s friends, the lady from Desmond’s strange journeys through time is back and is almost certainly Daniel’s mom. He tells Desmond back at the past hatch to find his mother and explain everything to her. I had always assumed that she was with the Others, but that may not have always been the case. If it were, why didn’t she know that her son had teamed up with Whidmore in trying to take control of the island? Granted, he wasn’t quite sure of what he was getting into. Or was he? Time travel hurts my head.

Is Sun now the enemy as well? She makes pals with Whidmore, and the next thing you know Kate’s maternity rights are being questioned and Sun just happens to be in town at the same time. She tells Kate that she doesn’t blame her for Jin’s “death” (I am not convinced), but the tone of her voice is cold, cold , cold. Her comment abut Aaron and her child playing together was also a little suspicious.

I am so happy that they killed Neil off quickly. I hate it when an extra becomes a main character. They are always whiny and annoying. K-Fed and his blond girlfriend were the worst, their ghastly deaths were not even enough to have made their existence worthwhile.

Hurley is either a genious or a complete and utter failure after turning himself in. Can Ben’s power really extend far enough to get him out of prison? Then again, after watching Prison Break, that doesn’t seem like such a difficult task anymore. Also, I hope that is the last time we see Anna Lucia. I want to eat a Hot Pocket now.

I read that the writers gave away some spoilers at the San Diego comic con, and the one the interested me the most was that Richard was going to be seen barefoot with only 4 toes. This sheds some light on the statue from a few seasons ago, but raises a lot of new questions too. Are the original Others some sort of race that existed before man? The wheel had been around for ages, and they are all immortal. This might be totally off base, but I really hope that this isn’t going to take some sort of religious spin.

Locke/Bentham is totally alive, isn’t he?

What do you suckers think?! I would love to keep a weekly discussion going in my comments with you guys.

PS: What a lame post headline, pun definitely intended dude! bwahahahahahahaha!