Sign of the Times

February 6, 2009

3DWTF do you mean a sign of the times?! I don’t even know yet myself!?


Spidey Lives Large

February 3, 2009

Best Web-Slinging Access in Metropolitan Tokyo

Best Web-Slinging Access in Metropolitan Tokyo

That’s right all you true believers, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has sold out traded in his Manhattan apartment for richer digs here in Tokyo!

These ads have been in the subways here for a while now. They are advertising Shibaura Island Bloom Tower, a new luxury high rise in Minato-ku. It’s message is simple: “Spider-Man Leases at Bloom Tower”. I am not really sure how effective the campaign is, but it’s kind of cool to see Spidey posted everywhere.

The pic was taken from a moving train, hence the poor quality and blinding glare. Thanks for taking it for me, Yumi!


January 23, 2009

Who knew that Will Smith’s wife was in a nu-metal band? I am the last person to find this out? The videos I found are a few years old. I never thought that I would hate a band more than I hate Korn, but this takes it. More like pu-metal, get it? I am guessing that the only reason they haven’t divorced over this is the ultra-low exposure it recieved.