Japanese Watchmen Advertisements

February 9, 2009

25% of my posts begin with “One of my favorite things about Japan is…” and/or are about posters, and this one is no exception. This time around, it is these free movie flyers that the theaters give out here. They are printed on high quality paper and almost always feature cool alternate artwork, making for great mini posters or gifts to people back in America. The ones I got for Control might be the raddest to date, but these are nice too:

p1000119p1000120I especially liked this:p1000124If you want one, let me know soon! They tend to go pretty quickly. As always, I know the pics suck. Deal with it.


2 Responses to “Japanese Watchmen Advertisements”

  1. hazuking said

    They did a great job on the flyers! What does Nixon have to do with Watchmen?? I want to read the comic book now!

  2. drsenbei said

    I thought about posting these too but they got bent on the way home from the theatre and they were no longer fit to be scanned!

    Nixon has everything to do with Watchmen, although he’s probably a stand in for Bush Jr. in the film version.

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