Japanese School Bummer

February 2, 2009

After Broadway, I went to a Japanese school in Iidabashi for a trial lesson. From the moment I walked in the place, I was a little disappointed. The office was located in a residential building and was tiny. Even though I had an appointment, they weren’t prepared when I came in. After about 10 minutes or so of waiting, a lady came in to explain how they run things and ask me what I wanted to study. There was something about her that I just didn’t care for, a kind of snobbish attitude or something, I don’t know. She performed a ‘level check’ on me and went off to get a teacher, who I spent the next 50 minutes talking with. We talked about movies, American Indians, philosophy and my life in Japan among other things. It was hardly a lesson, but I really enjoyed it. She was intelligent, fun and had opinions about stuff. At the end, she told me to save my money and just find more interesting people to talk to because she didn’t think they could offer me much at the school unless I took private lessons. I appreciated her honesty, but I doubt the manager did because naturally I didn’t sign up. She was so cool that I am lightly considering taking private lessons with her, but I doubt I will.

What she said about just finding people who are interesting to talk to really registered with me. In the year and a half that I have been here, I have hardly met anyone outside of work (my co-workers and students are all cool) and even less that I actually want to talk to. I really need to find a way to make new friends, especially those that can discuss stuff other than shopping and their relationships, however I have no idea how to go about meeting people without getting the usual English leeches or gaijin hunters. Any ideas? I hate to say it, but I am getting desperate.

PS I really want to start/join a study night. Anyone in the Saitama/Tokyo area that might be interested, let me know! I am studying for JLPT level 1 now.


3 Responses to “Japanese School Bummer”

  1. Hiromi said

    Hi i can be!!
    so it isnt desperate!!

    i went to bookstore yesterday.and i tried to answer some questions about jlpt level1

    すべからく or something woh even if im native i have seldome used them… if u pass it. that sounds really exciting!!

    so”Do ur best!!”

  2. Hiromi said

    あ 今 気付いた。
    どうせなら 日本語で書き込むべきだったかって。

  3. shadowoverkoshigaya said

    Hiromi, I know what you mean. It is very hard to be motivated to study stuff that I can never use. Oh well…..

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