Yes You Cat!

January 24, 2009

Obama fever has been sweeping the nation of Japan for awhile now, with silly novelty products, comedians doing impressions, lots of black-face  and this:


An 11 year old student of mine drew this on my whiteboard today. Here, cats say nya instead of meow, so read it as Obameow. Pretty clever for a little kid! Throughout the class, all of the students were dropping Obama references left and right. The teaching point was ‘I want to….’ , which got responses like “I want to live in Obama’s house” and so on, but the best one was “I want to walk on the moon [with]Obama!”

I am really happy to have people from other countries, especially here, viewing America in a positive way again.


2 Responses to “Yes You Cat!”

  1. mikiaraki said

    why are your kids all so rad and clever and fun and cute?! i’m always delighted by their stories :)!!! btw, i want to live in obama’s house too.

  2. Emily Margaret Millipede said

    Man. You have no idea how big my smile was when I saw that.
    In fact, each time I come back to it I smile again, and it hurts my face.
    Seriously awesome.
    Figures, you leave the states and we get a sweet ass leader. Neener Neener.

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