Sunday report

January 19, 2009

I had a very busy, but somewhat disappointing, day yesterday. I went on a quest to find a new watch in Harajuku before  my hair cut appointment there later on in the evening. The watch I had planned to buy was so freakishly big that despite the cool design I couldn’t bring myself to drop 600 bones on it. Then, just to make myself feel bad for not being retardedly rich, I went into a high-end watch shop next to Omotesando Hills. I would say that the average price there was around $11,000 USD. Tucked way back in the corner, however, were some relatively cheap models, most of which were made by GSX. I got really lucky and found this watch! It is a collaboration with Furi Furi Company and was limited to only 666 pieces. It has so many cool features,  my favorite is that the main second hand spins really fast, with one revolution equaling 1 second. It looked chaotic.The price tag was a little on the heavy side, so I had to think it over during my haircut….

I went to a salon named Dude because their policy is to shut up and just cut your hair instead of blabbing your ear off with personal questions. They held up that part of the deal, thank god. I am so sick of answering the same old questions like “Can you eat natto?” every time I go to the barber. The style, on the other hand, well….. I showed him a picture of what I wanted and told him to think 80s skate punk, but came out looking very close to this:

Possessed to Skate?

Possessed to Skate?

I thanked the dude, paid, and walked out of the place thinking maybe it wasn’t so bad. After about 45 seconds of trying my best, I put on my hat. Thankfully it looks fine now that I have rinsed out all the gunk and styled it myself. Also, the place had a hair-washing guy that was a dead ringer for Lurch, only in some silly hipster clothes and black rimmed glasses. In true Lurch fashion, he never spoke a word, just stood there waiting for someone who needed a rinse.

I went back and bought the watch, then had dinner at a 300 yen menu Chinese izakaya in Shibuya with an old friend before calling it a night.


4 Responses to “Sunday report”

  1. mikiaraki said

    ok dan, you need to put up the real pic of your hair~ 🙂

    that watch looks so cool! sasuga harajuku. damn.

  2. haz said

    the new watch looks really cool! aren’t u going fix the old one?? (;_;)

  3. Emily Margaret Millipede said

    Yea, I second the call for a photo of your hair!

  4. shadowoverkoshigaya said

    The old watch was in my backpack when it went missing.

    I am not posting a picture of myself on here, but I will email pics to you.

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