Tomodachi in Shibuya

January 12, 2009

I saw this huge new ad for the 2nd 20th Century Boys movie on my way home last night. Just before I saw this, I also caught a “performance” in front of the station by a guy wearing an open yukata revealing a  thong; he shook around and howled as if in a violent seizure for about 5 minutes before taking a bow and passing around a money box.

People of Shibuya, It is Time to Proceed

"People of Shibuya, It is Time to Proceed"

Note: Directly translated, “It is Time to Continue” or possibly “It is Time for the Sequel”. I think that time to proceed is much more menacing and Tomodachi-like. I can’t stand it when translators aren’t willing to take minor liberties with stuff, it turns out so stiff and boring. Dr. Senbei, what do you think about this?


One Response to “Tomodachi in Shibuya”

  1. drsenbei said

    Yeah, I would have done it the same way. Obviously it refers to the sequel coming out, but it’s more of an allusion to how this one will be about him and his cult taking over Japan. Kind of like a rallying cry, really.

    Japanese is such a fluid language that nuance trumps meaning in my book.

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