Matter Over Mind

January 12, 2009

I can’t wait to try these at work!


3 Responses to “Matter Over Mind”

  1. Emily Margaret Millipede said

    You know, when I used to have really terrible terrible panic attacks in college I would sit in my car in a parking lot, play static and close my eyes. It would help immensely. It was like going to a place where I didn’t personally exist. It reminds me of the Ganzfeld procedure, sans ping pong ball.

  2. mikiaraki said

    these are very interesting methods. i want to try the pinocchio illusion, but my sister was like, “why the heck do you want to touch my nose blindfold, what’s wrong with you?!” so i just gotta find another person.. hahaha

  3. drsenbei said

    I had a terrible hallucination last night.

    I was super stressed out from driving home in a snow storm, perhaps doubly so because I was a passenger and couldn’t control the car.

    Mentally and physically exhausted I fall asleep under my kotatsu. Suddenly I am awoken by a loud whooshing sound followed by a bang. It sounded like someone had slammed my bedroom door open!

    Of course it was just the snowstorm outside. But I was genuinely frightened. Stupid brain.

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