X-Mas with Dr. Senbei

January 7, 2009

I got this in the mail yesterday from my pal Dr. Senbei, along with a message reading “It will look good in the bar” (that we are planning to open here in Tokyo in the not too distant future). It is a bubble blowing Frankenstein robot. All the girls in my office were jealous, it must have gotten at least 47 “Kawaiiiiiii!”s. Sorry for the bad image quality, all I have is a cell camera for the time being (see 1st post).

franken bubble


2 Responses to “X-Mas with Dr. Senbei”

  1. Emily Margaret Millipede said

    This is seriously sweet. I’m not sure there are words to describe my envy of you… I keep going back and forth between “No WAY! I want one!” and “What the fuck would I need a bubble blowing frankenstein’s monster for?!” Hahaha.

  2. miki said

    dude, i’m jealous! let me see it actually blowing bubbles next time we hang out!

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