Love H.P.

January 5, 2009

lovecraftA friend of mine has been riding me to get into H.P. Lovecraft for years now, but I  never really dug him that much due to the dragging, convoluted narration. As I am a huge fan of several movies based on his stories and hold said friend’s opinion in high regard, over my X-mas vacation I purchased several of his books (of which I never got to read 90% of; see last post). After reading the first story, my imagination was running amok. I instantly felt an urge to draw out the monsters and cosmic horrors described in his short stories. Despite his shortcomings in verse, he is unparalleled when it comes to weaving alternate realities, dreadful mysteries and tales of the occult. I even named this blog after one of his stories (a movie called Dagon was made based on it as well). For anyone who might be interested, here are a few cool Lovecraft related links:

A 5 part serial dramatization of A Shadow Over Innsmouth featuring Harlan Ellison
(Jeremy this is mainly for you since you are into audiobooks lately)

Dozens of Lovecraft stories free online!

Re-Animator in its entirety for free! 13 parts


One Response to “Love H.P.”

  1. Nightblues said

    oh man, I totally want to check this out. you were right its definitely down my alley. Im sure you know who it is by now. anyways, no doubt Ill be drinking at that bar of yours in the future, too interesting to pass up man.

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